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Employment & Training Services

Opportunities, Inc. is here to meet individuals and families not only where they are but where they dream.

WIOA Youth Work Program

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Employment Program: Work program for at-risk in-school youth ages 14-21 and out-of-school youth ages 16-24 supports youth by developing and meeting their goals and becoming workforce ready. Support is provided to develop leadership skills, employment skills, financial literacy, gain work experience; mentorship and sharpen existing skills. Participants enrolled receive one-on-one case management in order to find, maintain or reduce barriers to employment. The program is open to all eligible youth in our six county service area.

TANF Youth Summer Work Program

The TANF Youth Summer Program is a work based program where youth enroll to gain work experience and work based supportive services through various community work sites.

Youth Employment and Engagement Program

The Youth Employment and Engagement Program is a partnership between Opportunities, Inc. and the Youth Court. The goal of the program is to assist youth who have had contact with the criminal justice system to gain important employment skills, acquire employment and to avoid further contact with the justice system

Please contact our office at 761-8462 for more information about our Youth Employment and Training Opportunities and/or to complete an application.

TANF Pathways: Pondera, Glacier, Teton & Toole Counties

Opportunities, Inc. offers the TANF Pathways program to eligible families residing in the Pondera, Glacier, Teton and Toole counties. TANF Pathways helps TANF participants to improve Family Stability, Employability, and Financial Security. Pathways offers opportunities for job readiness training and provides access to available supportive services to address family identified barriers. Eligibility begins at the Office of Public Assistance. The receipt of TANF cash assistance is limited to 60 months in an adult’s lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I enroll?

Enrollment begins at the Office of Public Assistance. Once eligible for TANF, you will automatically be referred to Opportunities, Inc. The TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program provides temporary financial assistance/supportive services to needy families.


Is participation in the Pathways program required in order to receive TANF funds?

Yes. Approval of your TANF benefits is dependent on meeting Pathways and other eligibility requirements determined by the Office of Public Assistance.


What is required of me?

You will be required to complete 27-33 hours of activities each week that will help you accomplish your family’s self-sufficiency goals.


Are there supportive services available to participants?

Yes, once your TANF benefits have been authorized. Supportive services for transportation assistance, interview or work clothes and other employment tools are available on a limited basis.


For more information about TANF visit: https://dphhs.mt.gov/hcsd/TANF

Montana Public Assistance Contact Information:

Online Application/Account access: www.apply.mt.gov

Phone: 888-706-1535

Fax: 877-418-4533

Mailing address: PO Box 202925, Helena MT 59620


“Through Opportunities, Inc. and the Pathways program, I have been able to work on my nursing degree while maintaining my home life with my children.


I have been able to pay my bills and stay caught up with supportive services and was able to gain work experience while volunteering my time at Head Start. I am so grateful for my experience with this company. Thanks for all you do!” – Pathways Client in Glacier County


Employment & Training

Youth Employment/TANF Pathways

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